Information about the Science of Excellence Seminars by Dr. Maurer

Workshops, Seminars & Lectures
(Personal Development, Organizational Development Series and Additional Lectures)

Personal Development Series
How Successful People Succeed
The Visionary Life: Attaining What You Want
The Creative Odyssey
Love, Misery, and Miracles: The Science and Spirituality of Romantic Love
Psychology of Storytelling
At War With Yourself: The Psychology of Self Defeating Behavior
Courage: A Beginners Guide
Strive Safely: Immunity to Stress
How to Change Other People
Being Dead Right: The Pros and Cons of Conflict
Kaizen: The Secret of Lifelong Success

Organizational Development Series
Strategies for Excellence: Sustaining Organizational and Individual Effectiveness and Enthusiasm
Why People are Difficult and How to Deal with Them
The Creative Organization - The Science of Discovery, Invention, and Imagination in the Work Setting
Navigating Conflict, The Skills of Negotiation
Team Building

Additional Lectures
The Value of Fear
How to Get Along With Your Adult Children
Mentoring: The Power and Possibilities
The Self-Defeating Personality Identifying and Helping People Who Sabotage Success
The Pros and Cons of Conflict
The Science of Romantic Love
The Art and Science of Mistakes and Rejection
Responsibility: The Key to Happiness
The Power of Boredom
Holiday Blues: An Essential Journey
Food for Thought: Why We Overeat
Romance Made Simple
The Myth of Stress
Why People Commit Suicide: Old Myths and New Truths
Curing Tension Headaches
The Odyssey of Pain
The Pursuit of Happiness
Why Good People Don't Always Follow Good Advice
The Human Need for Attention
Insomnia: How Not to Lose Sleep Over It
The Heart of the Matter: A Psychological Approach to Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease
The Business of Living: How to Manage Your Life as Well as You Manage Your Career
Sex, Lies, and Childhood Tapes: How Relationships Succeed of Fall
The Fork in the Road to Success
The Nature of Support
The Challenge of Change