How Successful People Succeed

Psychology has traditionally studied individuals, couples, and organizations in difficulty, and most theories and therapies are based on the work with these groups. But from the time of Freud, the problem-oriented focus on human behavior has limited the usefulness of psychology in daily life. Only recently has the direction of research turned to looking at success In individuals, in couples and in organizations.

Research has found consistent traits that successful people have in common. Recent experiments challenge much of our current thinking on how to create healthy bodies, relationships, and work settings. This program uses extensive audiovisual presentations of the surprising findings on success. The topics include:

• Four traits successful people share.

• How successful people change.

• Is stress in the eye of the beholder? How successful people cope with adversity.

• The essential skill to look for in a romantic partner.

- Skills for enhancing success are demonstrated and practical tools are provided.